The BEST Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Course Available!

Learn the simple formula for turning your free Pinterest traffic into passive income!

Do you know how to monetize your Pinterest traffic?

I made $18,000 from a 5-day affiliate launch. More than 80% of the sales came from Pinterest.


It can! I'm going to show you the practical steps to making money passively on Pinterest.


Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service to your audience in exchange for monetary compensation from the product's creator/owner or service provider.


325m Pinterest Users

1 out of 2 Millennials use Pinterest 

40% make more than $100k/year

39% more likely to be active retail shoppers

*Data found on

Why not leverage the free traffic you're already getting from Pinterest to make money on products you already love?

I kept thinking it would be hard to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest but after this course I see affiliate marketing on Pinterest fits in with the way I currently use Pinterest. I'm still creating good content, great images and pinning consistently. Now I understand how to make the best decisions when it comes to running ads (promoted pins) for affiliate marketing as well. 

I think the course is in a great format. Easy to follow and understand, especially the action steps at the end of each section. 

~LaToya Edwards,

LaToya Edwards Pin Practical Affiliate Masterclass testimonial


Everything you do on Pinterest derives from having a good funnel in place.

In Pin Practical Influence, I'll give you three funnels to leverage affiliates on Pinterest and drive passive income inside your business!

Pinterest Sales Funnel


Pin Practical Influence is a comprehensive training where you'll learn...

  • How to really make money passively by pinning affiliate links on Pinterest  
  • How to successfully master affiliate launches using Pinterest (I've made over $18,000 on a 5-day launch using this strategy!)  
  • How to use affiliate links on Pinterest with promoted pins
  • Proven strategies I've used to generate thousands of dollars from Pinterest using affiliate links
  • Everything you need to know about nurturing affiliate sales from Pinterest 
  • Real examples of successful affiliate funnels 

Stop leaving money on the table with your Pinterest traffic!

Pin Practical Affiliate Masterclass Testimonial
Pin Practical Affiliate Masterclass Testimonial
Pin Practical Affiliate Masterclass Testimonial

This course taught me so much about sales funnels. Instead of throwing up random affiliate links to products I like or use, Monica presented an in-depth strategy to have a complete sales funnel with Pinterest as the focus traffic driver with multiple ways to earn affiliate commission in each funnel.

Pin Practical Influence is very thorough and covered everything from the basic info to in-depth strategy and even an action list for each funnel type!

I've taken another popular affiliate marketing course, and while I do think it's a great course, Pin Practical Influence was actually an amazing value comparatively as it lined out an entire strategy (actually 3 different ones!) that I can implement immediately.

I love how Monica always brings IMMENSE value and shares all the details that she's learned so we can implement her exact methods and strategies.

~Jenny Raith, Online Business Manager

Jenny Raith


Hi! I'm Monica a professional blogger and Pinterest marketing expert. I have an MBA degree in finance and marketing and blog at Redefining Mom, a site for helping moms thrive in both motherhood and business. I spent 11 years working for a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with huge brands like Microsoft, HP, and Cisco. Now, I provide online marketing education to professional moms who are looking to build profitable blogs through effective sales funnels and Pinterest ads!


Will this class teach me how to use Pinterest?

This class will teach you how to leverage Pinterest to create passive income with affiliate marketing.

Pin Practical Influence does not cover the basics of implementing a Pinterest strategy. If you need help with the basics, my course Pin Practical Masterclass is perfect for you! I suggest learning the basics of Pinterest before proceeding to affiliate marketing on Pinterest.  

Is there a refund policy for Pin Practical Influence?

I am confident Pin Practical Influence is jam-packed with value to help you grow your business. Due to the immediate access, you'll have to all of the course material, all sales are final.